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Many people are willing to pay handsomely for the efforts that could be used to prolong life. A millionaire in America once said : that he was willing to pay $ 1,000,000 to the person who can extend the age for each year. But unfortunately, humans have many limitations, just like any other God's creatures who have limitations in their lives. For example :

1. A dog, on average can only live for over 15 years
2. A bear, on average can only live for 16 years
3. An orang-utan, the average can only live for 26 years
4. A cow, the average can only live for 30 years
5. An elephant, the average can only live for 75 years

What about humans? Some live for the under 10 years, some live to 50 years or 65 years. But not often we find people who live to 100 years more.

A man named Thomas Parr lived as a farmer, died at the age of 152 years in 1635. Similarly Burrinton Joseph, died at the age of 160 years in the year 1790 in Bergen Norway.

In Indonesia the country is also no shortage with their long life. For example, former wife of Bung Karno, Mrs. Garnasi Inggit, has over 100 years of age.

Then who the subject of our thoughts, whether longevity secret? Is that distinguish the age of a person with other people age?


Many who thought that the problem of longevity is due to heredity. So when our parents reach the age of 90 years, then we shall reach the age of 90 years. The scientists assume that this theory is true, because in a theory of Dr. Ernest Weser, head of Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, New York in 1962 on the vital force, said that each human being has a vital force that includes human survival, how long humans can live.

Each human being has a different energy but vital particular. This vital energy can not be increased, but can be reduced, in accordance with the human body's activities. Generally known that a vital energy is closely linked to heredity. So they have a high vital energy, the possibility of their offspring have a high energy is also vital. Thus those who have parents with a long life, the children have the possibility of long lived too. However, this can not fully guarantee a person will have a long life. For example, many people who have a vital energy to live for 75 years, but due to smoking two packs of cigarettes a day, then he could have died at the age of less than 75 years. This means that vital energy can be decreased by a factor for bad habits.
One thing to note yag related to hereditary factors is the close relationship with the illness, particularly for heart disease and blood vessel disease. If the structure of the blood vessels that are derived from parent to child was narrow, it will be easier to suffer from heart disease. Families who have heart disease will have a double chance to have a heart attack.


The research expert on the human age of women reported that age are generally longer than the age of man. The possibility of miscarriage of male babies is twice the baby girl. The death of baby boys is higher than the death of a baby girl. It seems that the gender factor influencing the age not only occurs in humans, but also in animals. A female mice live longer compared with male rats. So it is with a female pigs live longer than the male pig.


The scientists used a lot of time, effort and money to conduct research on the relationship between food and human life. In the magazine "Time", dated October 28, 1967, there was an article titled "Adventist Advantage". The article contains the news that the aged people in Southern California Adventist 6.2 years longer than in any other population. Dr. Richard Walden and Dr. Frank Lenon said that one reason why the Advent has a long life is that they do not smoke. In other research says that the age of people who do not smoke 3.2 years longer than the age of people who smoke, with the condition of the food you eat is the same. But why the Advent could have 3 years of age even longer than research? The answer turns out to be the food factor. 50% of people in the region Adventist Southern California is a vegetarian. Another example is the Hunza tribe who live below the Himalayan foothills to live up to the age of 90 years to 100 years, at this age have their blood pressure was normal, cholesterol levels are still good and still electrocardioraphy normal. Factor plays an important role of food, food is the Hunza tribe of fruits, nuts, vegetables and grains, a little milk, goat's milk is. They only eat meat once or twice a year. Conclusion vegetarian food provides a greater possibility for a longer life, because many diseases can arise caused by eating meat.