Cancer is a feared human diseases, because rarely known and seldom also shows why the medicine. After vascular disease and heart disease, cancer is the third killer disease. In this article we try to reveal the results of research that has been made, the things that can cause cancer, and ways of prevention.


From the results of the study, common causes of cancer are :

  1. Excessive smoking. Has been proved that excessive smoking can cause cancer in the lung, stomach cancer, respiratory cancer, lip cancer and oral cancer.
  2. Sun Rays. Excessive sunlight and on going direct contact with our skin, also can cause skin cancer.
  3. Mechanical irritation, physical and chemical. Irritation of the skin or lining of long lenders can cause cancer. For example pipe smoking can cause cancer of the lip. Chronic irritation caused by dentures are not fitting properly, can cause cancer of the tongue and gums. Often a hot drink and continually, can cause cancer and stomach cancer throat. Irritating chemicals or drugs to the skin in a long time, it also can cause skin cancer.
  4. Hexachlorophene. Is a substance that is carcinogenic, this substance damage the brain and cause brain cancer. Hexachlorophene is commonly used in obstetrics at the hospital world. And also contained in various materials of cosmetics, soaps and other scented materials for the bathroom.
  5. Smoke or fumes. Ozone, carbon monosida (CO), nitrogen dioxide and other pollutants commonly found in the smoke, has been confirmed by scientists as a cause of lung cancer, some kinds of cancer and causes respiratory and other health disorders.
  6. X-ray. Penetrating rays or X-ray excess in the human body continuously and can also cause cancer and leukemia. Children who suffer in the later years, often caused by prenatal exposure to the mother's abdomen during pregnancy.
  7. Cadmium. In small amounts, cadmium benefit us, but in large amounts of can be resulted in high blood pressure, heart disease, iron deficiency anemia, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, pulmonary fibrosis, kidney damage and cancer. Cadmium we got from the smoke within the vehicle, phosphate fertilizers and industrial waste of contamination.
  8. Drugs and chemical environment. Many medicines used in the medical world it is a cause of cancer. Florida sodium contained in the water already in flouration, commonly drunk man, turned out to have links with cancer. Materials pesticides such as DDT is the leading cause of cancer.
  9. Abnormality in sex relationships. Sex too often, eliminate it altogether, even changed its partners, can cause damage to the prostate gland, and may cause cancer of the prostate gland. Mothers who do not breastfeed their children also have a greater chance of breast cancer compared to women who breastfeed son.
  10. There are still many other factors that may arise as a result of research that runs from theconsequences of unhealthy lifestyles.