Perhaps you've often heard stories about good food for the brain, namely fish, which was able to reduce the risk of heart disease or even reduce the growth of breast cancer for the sufferer, and efficacy of food is caused by the fish contain lots of fat that is useful for the body.

Perhaps you are not too familiar with these types of fats, Omega-3 fatty acids, which was also efficacious for preventing depression.

A government researcher who has long studied the habits of eating fish from people around the world concluded that the more fish consumption is also smaller then they were exposed to the risk of depression. This sounds like a drifting away from previous research purposes, but the results of other studies also show evidence that people with depression tend to have high levels of omega-3 fats are low in the blood.

The researchers are actually not completely sure of this, but they assume the compilers of the layer of fat in the brain consisting of omega-3.

Perhaps the news that gives another relief, fatty fish a lot of the most favored people, such as Salem & Tuna fish for example, had higher levels of omega-3 high. Eating fish from the types that are expected to improve one's mood.

Sources: Health Magazine

The Apostle said:
"A strong believer is better and more beloved to Allah than the weak believer" (Muslim, Ibn Majah and Abu Huraira). Messenger as the best example for his people, including in terms of health. In a narration saying that the Apostle sick only twice during his life, that is when I first received the revelation, and when God will call. In contrast to our often suffered pain, ranging from mild illness such as headaches, colds, aches to serious illnesses such as heart, kidney disorders, high blood pressure, stroke, and stress. As his people, should we follow the Apostle, including in health care, which is very expensive favors and valuable.

Some of the recipes live messenger, among others are :

1. Always wake up before Shubuh

2. Active hygiene.
In Islam, Thaharah an important thing. In a hadith saying "God will not accept prayer who are not accompanied with ablutions (Muslim, Ahmad, and Ibn Majah)

3. A healthy diet and balanced.
In Islam, the food is healthy and good food halalan (halal) and Thayyiban (good or nutritious). The apostle exemplifies the best diet, do not eat before hunger and stop before full. In principle, eating just to make a living. Methods to eat like this, if implemented may shy away from consumer behavior and trends indulge passions who can cause stomach illnesses and health problems. Caliph Abu Bakr RA once said, "I no longer feel full after converting to Islam, so I can feel the sweetness of worship to God. I never again drink refreshing to be able to meet my Lord. A lot of food causes obesity, and sleepy eyes, the body feels weak so that its activity is only sleeping. if you have this, he is like carcasses who shall not profit. "

4. Connecting silaturrahim. God promised that the people who love to be expanded silaturrahim sustenance and extended service life. in fact, threaten people who break the Apostle silaturrahim can not enter heaven.

5. Refrain from consuming goods such baneful liquor, haram foods, drugs, cigarettes are clearly detrimental to health.

6. Many exercise

7. Many fast.
The Apostle said, "fasted, you will be healthy." (H.R Ibn Sunni and Abu Nu'aim of Abu Hurairah)

8. Not grumpy

9. Prayer.
Every movement who pray regularly and tuma'ninah a positive effect for blood circulation and relaxes the muscles are rigid.



Many studies and research to get the best diet for a specific person. But you really do not need to look for various ways to get the best diet.

Since we were born is a figure that should be our role model in acting under any circumstances.
He was the Prophet Muhammad. Ideally we can emulate and imitate all his habits. Included in this diet, because diet is the best Prophet. Here is a diet Prophet Muhammad. Here is a diet Prophet Muhammad.

1. Reading basmalah when to eat, and ended by reading hamdalah.

Wisdom read basmalah hamdalah is a Muslim and always remember that food eaten nothing but the blessings and grace of Allah the Most Gentle and omniscient.
He will avoid excessive attitude and mubadzir. A Muslim will also always be aware that food is not the ultimate goal, but a means to add strength to go to obedience to God, the prosperity of the earth and sprinkled it with kindness.

2. Washing hands before and after meals.
The Prophet said:
"Whoever was asleep in his arms are used lard, and when morning he was suffering from an illness, then he should not reproach but themselves".
The Prophet himself if you want to eat always wash their hands first, as described in the hadeeth narrated from 'A'ishah Nasa'i.

3. Avoiding excessive and greedy attitude.
Eating is a liability. By eating a Muslim gain strength to worship.

In a hadith narrated by Bukhari and Muslim from Abdullah ibn Umar:
"Verily, your body has a right that you should meet".
However, we must remember the limits in foods, ie avoid excessive and greedy attitude.
Lots of arguments that emphasize this.

Allah SWT in the letter of al-A'raf verse 31 says:
"Eat and drink, but do not be exaggerated. Allah loves not those who exaggerated ".
And also in a letter Taha verse 81:
"Eat well among sustenance We have given to you, and do not limit him."
While the Prophet himself had ordered the set meal times and sticking to ethics, as the Prophet He:
"We are people who do not eat unless hungry, and if we do not eat your fill."
He also said:
"It is not descendants of Adam fills a container worse than his stomach. Actually some of the bribe is enough to enforce his ribs. If he must fill it, then a third for food, one third for drink, and a third for breathing. " (Narrated by Turmudzi, Ibn Majah, and Muslim)

That is actually food in a minimal portion was enough for him to meet basic needs. In the hadith narrated by Bukhari, Muslim, Ibn Majah, Imam Ahmad and Darimi, the Prophet also said:
"Food is one enough for two people, two people enough food for four people, and food enough for four people actually eight people."
In another hadith mentioned:
"Verily, including the attitude of moderation when you eat everything you want". (Reported by Ibn Majah)
He also said:
"A believer to eat with one intestine while infidels eat with seven intestines." (Narrated by Muslim, Turmudzi, Ahmad, and Ibn Majah)

4. Packed with three fingers.

With three fingers means we have to be balanced. As it is said that eating with five fingers showing greed, while eating with one or two fingers showed arrogance and hubris.

5. Sit upright when eating and do not lean.
Prophet forbade anyone to eat while leaning due to endanger the health and interfere with digestion of the stomach.

6. Drink three times a gulp. Done while sitting down and not breathing in the glass.
The Prophet taught by sipping a drink (drinking water to the lips to the water), breathing outside the glass and do not drink by drinking. Its purpose is to prevent the entry of air into the stomach.
Ubay ibn Ka'b said:
"The Prophet did not blow the food and drink, do not breathe inside the container. In fact, he forbade blowing food and drink. "
The Prophet used to drink with three mouthfuls, while breathing in between gulps three times outside the glass and not in it.
It was narrated from Anas that the Messenger of Allah breathe three times while drinking.
He said:
"Really, it's more filling, healing, and refreshing". (Bukhari and Muslim)
Anas also said:
"The Prophet has prohibited drinking while standing". (Muslim)
Ibn Abbas added:
"The Prophet has prohibited drinking from the mouth of the pitcher." (Reported by Bukhari and Ibn Majah)

7. Putting eat fruits before eating meat (a main meal).
It is an attempt to follow what the people of Paradise. The evidence is a letter of al-Qur'an Waqi'ah verses 20-21:
"And the fruits of what they choose, and meat from the birds what they want".

8. Closing the food and drinks on the table.
Prophet requires closed to protect food from contamination, as stated in the hadith the Prophet.:
"Close the vessel". (Narrated by Muslim, Ahmad, and Ibn Majah)
In the history of Bukhari stated:
"Cover food and drinks".
Messenger of Allah said:
"Close the container where food and beverages, because in a year there one night on that night down the outbreak of the sky. Outbreak did not find a container that is open but there will be a part of the outbreak of the container ".

9. Mouth wash (rinse) before and after meals.
It is intended to clean the teeth from food debris and bacteria. In particular he stressed the importance of rinsing after drinking milk:
"Gargle you after drinking milk, because it contains fat."
(Narrated by Ibn Majah)

10. The best food supplements is honey.
The house of the Prophet never run out of honey.
The Prophet also encouraged to take honey regularly. The Prophet said:
"Be you drink honey."
The prophet taught that the best way is to dissolve the honey drink one tablespoon of honey with water is not cold and stirred well.



Health is a blessing that can not be assessed with the property. To maintain health, the body needs to be given a chance to rest. Fasting, which requires not to eat, drink, and perform other acts that break the fast from dawn until sundown very useful for maintaining physical and spiritual health.
Fasting may prevent diseases arising from excessive eating. Excessive food nutrition is not necessarily good for one's health. Excess nutrients or overnutrisi result in obesity which can lead to degenerative diseases such as high cholesterol and triglycerides, coronary heart disease, diabetes (diabetes mellitus), and others. Effect of fasting on the health of physical mechanisms covering various aspects of health, such as :
  • Provide opportunities for digestion to rest. Freeing the body from toxins, impurities, and the residue is harmful to health.
  • Blocking food for bacteria, viruses, and cancer cells so that germs can not survive.
  • Increase the number of white blood cells and increase endurance. In the first week of fasting has not discovered the growth of white blood cells. However, starting the seventh day (second week), the addition of white blood cells very rapidly. White blood is a major element in the body's defense system.
  • Balancing acid and alkaline levels in the body.
  • Improve the function of a hormone that is needed in a variety of physiological and biochemical processes of the body. Hormones released by endocrine glands and the pituitary as the body's reaction to various pressures and environmental stress. Deficiency or excess production of certain hormones will have a negative impact on the health of the body. For example when subjected to stress, the hormone that regulates insulin and adrenaline when they're hungry impaired that loss of appetite or even come sooner. Production of the hormone insulin deficiency resulted in the emergence of diabetes, whereas when the body will suffer excessive hyperglycemia. At the time of fasting people will be patient and try to hold grudges and always surrender to God. It will make the normal hormone function so that more harmonious rhythm of life.
  • Rejuvenate the body cells. When we fast, the body's organs are in a position to relax, so as to have the opportunity to renew its cells.
  • Improve the function of organs. Fasting will provide a stimulus to all cells, tissues, and organs. The effect of this stimulus will produce, restore, and improve organ function according to its physiological functions, such as the senses become sharper.
  • Fasting increases the function of reproductive organs. It is associated with the rejuvenation of the cells that affect cells of urogenital and other means of reproduction. The hormones associated with sexual behavior problems are not only generated by the organ ovary (estrogen) and testicular (testosterone), but also by the pituitary gland.
Recommended by the Apostle of Allah begins to break their fast by eating dates, or with fruit and drinks are sweet as honey. This doctrine implies health because fruits and sweet drinks that are ready-made fuel that can be immediately absorbed by the body to restore energy after a day the body is not supplied by food and beverages. Glucose contained in fruits and sweet drinks is the main energy source for cells of the body. Effective glucose needed when the body requires energy input needed. Suggested meal is not solely to gain power of the prime pilgrimage during fasting, but also implies that the necessary preparations for fasting during the fasting work productivity and daily activities are not disrupted. At the time of fasting and meal supplies need to strive to fulfill the nutritional elements needed by the body, including six kinds of nutrients are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water. The importance of nutritional balance are often less aware of because the results are not seen directly. Someone who lack certain nutrients as dangerous as those given to excess nutrients. Eating well balanced meals and nutrition will affect the central nervous system and body's biochemistry. Eating a balanced meal that is not lacking but not excessive, adjusted for age, quality and quantity of motion and body condition. In some people, at the time of fasting have complaints such as feeling weak and lethargic or decreased stamina, as well as digestive disorders like flatulence and stomach upset. Some specific food ingredients such as honey, ginger, kencur, Intersection buffoonery, and other materials can be used to overcome the decreased stamina, bloating, and upset stomach during fasting. Here are some natural ingredients that can be used in order to stay fit and fresh fasting.
  • MADU. Benefits: increase stamina and maintain stabilitias body to stay healthy and fit, launched the process of metabolism, for beauty and youth, prevent indigestion, etc.
  • KURMA. Benefits: increases stamina and energy, prevent & resolve anemia (anemia), launched a disposal, as a sedative (merileksasi body tense muscle cells), prevents uterine bleeding.
  • JAHE (Zingiber officinale ROSCs). Benefits: increased stamina, overcoming flatulence, colds, nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, fever, etc.
  • TEMU Lawak (Curcuma xanthorrhiza). Usefulness: high cholesterol, improve stamina / tonic, anemia, gastritis / heartburn, flatulence, and others.
  • KENCUR (Kaempferia galanga). Benefits: increased stamina, eliminate bad breath, stomach ulcers, bloating, nausea, vomiting, colds, and others.
  • Ubi Red Potato (Ipomoea batatas). Usefulness: flatulence, fart peluruh, colds, stomach disorders
  • KUNYIT (Curcuma domestica Val). Efficacy / effect; gastritis, gall expedite expenditure thereby reducing flatulence, nausea, and a sense of fullness in the abdomen.
  • KAPULAGA (Amomum cardamomum). Indications: for stomach ulcers, nausea, vomiting, stomach obstruction and bloating.
  • Kayu Manis (Cinnamomum burmanii). Indications: for stomach ulcers, nausea, vomiting, stomach obstruction and bloating.
copied from the writings of Mohammed Harli

Cholesterol is a soft waxy substance and is an essential body fat (lipid), that is carried around the body in the blood, it can be found in all the body's cells. Only a small amount of the cholesterol in the body comes from your diet, it is mostly made in the body by the liver. The dietary cholesterol is found in food that comes from animals such as meat, poultry, fish, seafood and dairy products, especially egg yolks.

Cholesterol is required by the body to keep itself healthy, but too much cholesterol circulating in the blood is a health risk.

As cholesterol is not water-soluble it must bind to special proteins before it can be carried in the bloodstream, known as apoproteins. Once coated they form a package called lipoproteins, there are 2 main types of lipoproteins:
  • Low density lipoproteins (LDL), commonly known as bad cholesterol. LDL is the major cholesterol carrier in the blood. If there is too much LDL in the blood it can build up on artery walls. A high level of LDL cholesterol may give you an increased risk of coronary heart disease.
  • High density lipoproteins (HDL) commonly known as good cholesterol. HDL is actually good for maintaining the health of the heart and preventing the narrowing of the arteries (atherosclerosis) because it appears to carry cholesterol away from the arteries and back to the liver for disposal.
This is why the ratio between LDL and HDL cholesterol is important. Usually the body maintains a balance of cholesterol, making more if it needs it and getting rid of any excess. But sometimes this balance goes wrong. LDL levels can be lowered by eating a low fat diet and HDL levels can be raised by exercising.

What causes cholesterol to be high?

In the UK too much saturated fat in the diet is the most common cause of high cholesterol. Saturated fat encourages the body to make more cholesterol than it needs or can get rid of. In the UK we tend to eat a lot of saturated fat and this is probably why we have the highest rates of coronary heart disease in the world.

If you are a cigarette smoker you have about twice the risk of having a heart attack than a non smoker. If you also suffer with high blood pressure and high cholesterol, the 3 factors together multiply the chances of you suffering a heart attack by more than 8 times.

However, high cholesterol levels can occasionally run in families, and in this situation it is usually because the body does not cope well with normal amounts of cholesterol being eaten.

What happens if my cholesterol level is high?

If there is too much cholesterol in the blood and the body can’t get rid of it, the unused cholesterol can builds up in the artery walls, leading to the hardening and narrowing of the arteries. This narrowing of the arteries slows down the flow of blood to your heart, this condition is known as arteriosclerosis. In severe cases the blood supply can be cut off completely, it is at this point a heart attack occurs. If an artery in the brain becomes blocked this can trigger a stroke to occur.

How do I know if I have high cholesterol?

You don’t normally know if you have high cholesterol, as there are no symptoms of it. If anyone in your immediate family has suffered a heart attack before the age of 50, you have diabetes, are overweight or smoke or you believe you have an increased risk of heart disease or stroke then you should go to your doctor and ask to have your cholesterol levels checked. Cholesterol is diagnosed from a blood test. We do have two different type cholesterol tests available on this website, for more information on these cholesterol tests or to buy click here.

How can I reduce my cholesterol levels?

High cholesterol is a major factor of heart disease, but it can be treated through diet and exercise. The first step in lowering cholesterol levels is to change your diet. Most individuals can reduce their cholesterol level 15-20% by reducing the intake of foods high in cholesterol and fat, especially saturated fat.

Food to avoid or limit:
  • Fatty meats but if you do eat them cut off all the visible fat.
  • Sausages, goose and duck.
  • Pies and pastries.
  • Fat or oil in cooking.
  • Prawns, shrimp and fish roe.
  • Fried foods
  • Dairy products such as full milk, cream, cheese, butter and ice cream.
  • Egg yolks, limit to 2 a week.
  • Cakes, crisps, biscuits, sweets and chocolate.
Try to grill or steam meats instead of frying or roasting but if you do roast, place meat on a rack to allow the fat to drain off. When frying choose a vegetable oil, such as sunflower. Healthier foods which you could try eating are as follows:
  • Fish, especially oil rich fish such as sardines, salmon, mackerel, pilchards and trout. This type of fish contains Omega-3 fatty acids and they are thought to lower LDL cholesterol.
  • Poultry (chicken, veal or turkey) but remove the skin.
  • Low-Fat dairy products, use semi skimmed or skimmed milk, low fat yoghurts and mono or poly-unsaturated spreads.
  • Foods high in polyunsaturated (found in nuts, seeds and vegetable oils) and monounsaturated (found in olive, rapeseed, walnut oil and avocado) fats.
  • Fruit and vegetables, you should eat at least 5 portions every day.
  • Garlic
  • Wholegrain breads
  • Cereals\
  • Baked beans and red kidney beans
  • Pasta and rice
If buying low fat foods ensure they are labelled "low in saturated fat" If you smoke you should give up and try to maintain a healthy weight. Regular exercise may also help lower fat levels, try brisk walking, swimming or cycling. However, if you’ve not taken exercise in some time, are over 40 or have been ill, you should check with your doctor before doing anything too strenuous. If these methods fail to lower your cholesterol levels, your doctor may prescribe a drug which will help to lower your cholesterol.

How can I avoid having high cholesterol?

The only way to try to prevent high cholesterol is to stick to a healthy balanced diet, low in saturated fats, get regular exercise, quit smoking and maintain a healthy weight.


Cuisine less salt would make it taste less delicious, dishes Likewise excess salt will make you lose your appetite is not it? Likewise, the portion of salt to the daily consumption should also be fitted according to the rules so as not to interfere with our health.

In addition to working to add flavor to food, salt is also useful to maximize the nerves and muscles work. However, excessive consumption can also give bad effects. So how much salt is safe to eat?

As quoted Lifemojo, a study showed that eating too much salt is bad for health. One of them, levels of excess salt can increase the risk of high blood pressure (hypertension) and for people with osteoporosis is recommended for less time consuming salt.

Based on the size of the average man, most adults need a minimum of 4.2 grams and 1.5 grams per day. While the government has appealed to adults consume 6 grams and for children less than 6 grams.

But in fact, the average salt intake in adults could reach double that, 10 to 12 grams. It is still being debated for several parties, according to the organization pro-salt every healthy body will process the salt is needed and the rest will be discarded by the kidneys.

To avoid excess salt in the body, get used to avoid or at least control the foods that contain salt. It's good to not eat pickles, ketchup and chili sauce or tomato sauce and do not forget to pay attention to food labels to see that low sodium levels.

Certain vegetables for gout patients there was also an abstinence to be consumed. In addition to reducing other foods such as meat, liver, and several species of fish. Then, what are the different types of vegetables consumed by gout sufferers abstinence is?

Uric acid is a byproduct of purine metabolism. Most foods high in purine are meats, like beef, liver, turkey and some fish. However, there are some vegetables that are high-purine and would trigger an increase in the amount of uric acid in the body.

Uric acid will crystallize and accumulate in the joints, causing inflammation and swelling that are the signs and symptoms of classic gout. The medical term for too much uric acid in blood flow is hyperuricemia.

Here are some vegetables that should dipantang by gout patients :

1. Spinach
Spinach is a leafy green vegetables are high in iron, vitamin C, luteins, beta-carotene and flavonoids. Unfortunately for people who suffer from gout or uric acid, spinach is one vegetable that should be avoided because of the high purine content.

According to food tables AcuMedico, spinach has 57 grams of purine for every 100 grams of spinach.

2. Asparagus
Asparagus high folate and potassium and can be eaten either hot or cold, after cooking. Asparagus is also a salag one vegetable that should be avoided for gout sufferers because the content purin tinffi.

According AcuMedico, purine content of 23 grams per 100 grams of asparagus.

3. Cauliflower
Cauliflower is a cruciferous vegetable that is not often found inserted into other foods, but often presented in a mixture of vegetables or as a side dish.

In the list of vegetables that contain high amounts of purines, cauliflower also included one of them. According AcuMedico, purine for cauliflower is 51 grams per 100 grams of cauliflower.

4. Mushrooms
There is a range of 92 -17 grams of purine per 100 grams of mushrooms, according to AcuMedico. This is the list of vegetables that should be avoided if you try to limit the amount of uric acid in the body.


If you ever feel tired and sleepy after eating, maybe there is something wrong with your menu is. So it is no longer interfere with your productivity, choose a diet which releases energy in slowly, thus providing energy to live a day longer.

Food intake is very important, especially when you often feel exhausted due to stress and lifestyle very busy working. Repeated fatigue will become chronic and make you prone to disease if not immediately addressed. One of the foods you can choose to fight fatigue is spinach.

Yes, spinach, foods that make the cartoon character Popeye to be strong. Spinach is rich in nutrients that are important to fight fatigue and help the body's energy is at its peak. Spinach is rich in foods that most of iron, magnesium, and potassium. It is also a major source of vitamin B which increases power.

Iron has a direct and important role to fight fatigue. This substance is also known as an energy booster, helps deliver oxygen throughout the body, and helps the body to move optimally. Without enough oxygen, our cells can be slowed and even stopped working.

Low iron can cause mental fatigue, as well as anemia. Symptoms of anemia include: tiredness, lack of energy, weakness, difficulty concentrating, apathy, insomnia, and loss of appetite. Spinach and other green leafy vegetables offer high iron, but with low calories. Spinach is also a source of vitamin C, which is not only good for health, but also serves to absorb iron.

Magnesium is a mineral that plays a vital role in energy production. Even closely related to hundreds of enzyme reactions in our bodies, and plays an important role in the cardiovascular system, digestion, and nerve, muscle, kidney, liver, and brain. The presence of magnesium is important for producing energy, healthy digestion, and healthy nerves and muscles. No wonder, when we lack magnesium, the brain and body slowed. Even the slightest deficiency can cause lack of energy levels, which resulted in more hard work your body, thus resulting to fatigue.

Symptoms of magnesium deficiency, among others; blood sugar imbalances, depression, muscle weakness, muscle cramps, muscle spasms, body tense, lack of energy, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, confusion, and loss of appetite. Like magnesium, potassium serves to maintain muscle and nerve function. Physical exhaustion due to hard work is the main cause of potassium deficiency, but also can happen if you become dehydrated due to illness or for other reasons. Symptoms of potassium deficiency include : muscle weakness, confusion, and fatigue.

It is recommended to consume these nutrients every day. If possible, put spinach in your dining menu as often as possible. Try to incorporate these foods into your daily diet as possible, for example, steamed spinach served with eggs in the morning, put spinach in the sandwich, or as a side dish for lunch, prepared soup at night, and so forth.

quoted from


by buahnaga us

Dragon fruit has the properties that are beneficial to human health such as balancing blood sugar levels, protecting oral health, prevention of colon cancer, reduce cholesterol, preventing bleeding and treating complaints whitish.

Dragon fruit is usually consumed in the form of fresh fruit as relieving thirst, because the dragon fruit contains high moisture content of about 90% of the weight of the fruit. It was pretty sweet because they contain sugar content reaches 13-18 briks. Dragon fruit can also be expressed in the form of juice, fruit juice, jam or candied maupu various forms of presentation according to your tastes.

In general, experts agree and acknowledge dragon fruit is rich in potassium, ferum, protein, fiber, sodium and calcium is good for kesihatan versus other fruits are imported.

According to Leong from Johncola Pitaya AL Food R & D, an organization that examines the red dragon fruit, honey cactus fruit is quite rich with a variety of vitamins and mineral substances which help increase endurance and beneficial for metabolism in the human body.

"Research shows red dragon fruit is excellent for the circulatory system, also gives the effect of reducing the emotional pressures and neutralize toxic in the blood." Research also shows this fruit can prevent colon cancer, in addition to preventing high cholesterol content in the blood and reduce levels of fat in body, "he said.

Overall, every red dragon fruit contain adequate protein can increase metabolism and maintain cardiovascular health; fiber (to prevent colon cancer, diabetes and diet); carotene (eye health, strengthen the brain and prevent the entry of the disease), calcium (bone strengthening).

Dragon fruit also contain adequate iron to increase the blood; vitamin B1 (prevent fever entity); vitamin B2 (add to taste), vitamin B3 (lower cholesterol) and vitamin C (increase slipperiness, smoothness of skin and prevent acne).

Here is a complete nutritional dragon fruit :

Sugar content: 13-18 briks
Water: 90%
Carbohydrates: 11.5 g
Acid: 0.139 g
Protein: 0.53 g
Fiber: 0.71 g
Calcium: 134.5 mg
Phosphorus: 8.7 mg
Magnesium: 60.4 mg
Vitamin C: 9.4 mg

Papaya (Carica papaya L) is a plant that originated from southern Mexico and northern South America, which has long been widespread and widely planted in tropical regions. Papaya plants is known as a multipurpose crop because nearly all the parts have benefits for humans and animals, ranging from the root to the leaves, by using it as food, beverages, medicines, cosmetics or as animal feed.

During this time you may often consume papaya because it’s unique, it’s cheap and easily obtained. But you also may not know, that eating papaya are not aware you also have your body healthy. Actually, what are the benefits of papaya fruit for the health of our bodies?

Improving body immunity

Eating papaya is believed to increase your body’s immunity against disease. This is caused by vitamin A and vitamin B are needed to increase body immunity contained in papaya. Thus, diseases caused by the decline in immunity, such as coughs, colds, flu and infections can be prevented by consuming these papaya fruit.

Protects against free radicals

Papaya fruit also contains vitamin C, vitamin E, panthotenic acid, folic acid, flavonoids, magnisium, minerals, fiber and potassium that act as antioxidants. As is known, antioxidant serves as a protective body from free radicals.

Helps wound healing

Papaya fruit can assist the body in the process of healing wounds, especially burns, because it contains the enzyme papain and the enzyme chymopapain is useful to reduce inflammation and remove dead skin tissue from the injured skin. In addition, several other diseases also may become worse when the body become inflamed. For this reason, the papaya fruit is also recommended to be consumed by people who are sick.

Preventing cancer

One of the important properties of papaya fruit for the body is able to prevent cancer, especially colon cancer. This is possible because the papaya contain antioxidants and fiber that quite a lot so it can help those who have difficulty in defecation. In addition, a study also mentioned that dried papaya extract to resist the growth of cancer cells.

Increasing male virility

Papaya can improve men’s strength because it contains an enzyme called arginine. In the medical world, arginine is known as a substance that can increase blood flow around the male genitalia. It also serves to increase nitric acid in the body that relax the muscles around the blood vessels that supply the genitals. Thus, it will enlarge blood vessels and blood flow to the penis will increase.

Preventing lung disease

Papaya fruit is very useful for people who have weak lungs because they contain vitamin A in the levels quite a lot. Thus, eating papaya will make their bodies more resistant to transmission of diseases such as bronchitis caused by the lungs are weak.

Controlling premature aging

Papaya fruit is believed by experts to control premature aging by helping the body to digest food properly. When the body properly digest all the nutrients needed by the body, the body will be healthier and organ functions will run smoothly.

Prevent stroke and heart disease

As mentioned earlier, the papaya is one fruit that is rich in fiber and antioxidants, which can help prevent oxidation of cholesterol in the liver and automatically degrade. With the decline in cholesterol levels in the blood, then you also will avoid the risk of stroke and heart disease. In addition, the efficacy of papaya fruit also to maintain a healthy circulatory system and heart because they contain folic acid which can kill harmful substances damaging the walls of blood vessels that lead to heart attacks.


Tempe as food products have been well known by the Indonesian people or foreign. It's delicious, cheap price and easy to obtain.

Many vegetarian in the world found tempe as a substitute for meat. Now tempe produced in many places in the world, not only in Indonesia.

Tempe made from the fermentation of soy beans or some other material that uses some type of kapang Rhizopus, such as Rhizopus oligosporus, RH. oryzae, RH. stolonifer (kapang bread), or RH. arrhizus. This fermentation is generally known as "yeast tempe".

In general, tempe have white coloured because the growth of miselia kapang paste soybean seeds so that tight the texture. Degradation components of soybean in the fermentation makes tempe has a taste and a smell characteristic. Different with Tofu, Tempe is a bit dour.

The composition nutrient of protein, fat, and carbohydrate doesn't much change compared with soybean. However, due to a digestive enzyme produced by Tempe kapang, the protein, fat, and carbohydrate in tempe be more easily digested in the body than that found in soybean. Therefore, It's very good to be given to all age groups (from infants to the elderly), so that food can be called as all ages.

Soya bean very good to consumed because it's contain :
1. isoflavones: famous for anti oksidant as a cancer prevention
2. contain phytoestrogen: useful to the body kit as anti strees, anti aging / prevent aging cells in humans
3. contain lesithin / fat naturally good for the body
4. containing saporin (suitable for vegetarian)

Some research indicates that vitamin of tempe more easily digested, absorbed, and utilized the body compared with that in the soybean. This has been proven in infants and children under five people with malnutrition and chronic diarrhea.

With the tempe, increase the growth of malnutrition and diarrhea are healed in a short time. Processing soybeans into tempe will be decrease raffinosa and stakiosa, a compound that causes the occurrence of symptoms flatulency.

Tempe is also trusted to prevent anemia and osteoporosis, two diseases that affects many women, because women's nature to be experienced menstruation, pregnancy and breastfeeding babies. Anemia disease can attack woman who lazy to eat cause fear have fat body, so that supply and production of cell-red blood cells in the body decreases.

Vitamin B12 (found in animal foods), and zinc that is needed in the formation of red blood cells. In addition, Tempe can also decrease the cholesterol level in blood. Compound protein, fatty acid PUFA, fiber, niasin, and calcium in Tempe can reduce the amount of bad cholesterol.

In Tempe also found a substance in the form of antioxidants isofalvon. Like vitamins C, E and karotenoid, isoflavon are antioxidants that are necessary to stop the body's reaction to the formation of radical free. In soybean there are three types of isoflavon, namely daidzein, glisitein, and genistein. At Tempe, in addition to the three types of isoflavon antioxidants are also factors II (6,7,4 trihidroksi isoflavon) that have the nature's most powerful antioxidants compared with isoflavon in soybean.

Antioxidants was happen when the process soybeans into tempe fermentation by the bacteria Micrococcus leteus and Coreyne bacterium. Research conducted at the University of North Carolina, United States, found that genestein and phytoestrogen found in Tempe that can prevent prostat cancer, breast and anti aging.

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