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Vegetables eaters often called vegetarian, means those who live from the source plants, including vegetables, grains, nuts and fruits. Is it true that vegetarian food is the best food for humans? Have long time many groups of people who have a belief that vegetarian food is the best food. In the discovery recently of a tribe that has a stone age culture, the Tasaday tribe. Prove that this tribe is a vegetarian.

A similar discovery was reported by the expert archaeological excavation of the Sumerian and the ancient Babylonians. The Archaeological reported that these two ancient nations produce 60 kinds of vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, and the life of these foods. This is what causes them to be healthy and live longer.

Those who make a research on the Ancient Egyptians also said that the ancient Egyptian life from wheat, barley, beans, onions and garlic. They only ever just eat meat. But over time they add meat foods in their diet, and it can be seen in the investigation of their mummies, which is the hardening of the arteries.

Aristoteles, Hippocrates, Plato, Diaogenes and Galen

History shows that one Greek philosopher, a named Phytagoras, has promoted a vegetarian diet in the 6th century BC, this followed by other philosophers, including :
1. Aristoteles, the famous philosopher Greek
2. Hippocrates, known as the father of the doctors
3. Plato, who was known as a vegetarian and a vegan approved
4. Diaogenes and Galen, known as the father of the Roman doctor was a promoter vegetarian

The characters of the Buddhist religion, Brahma, Hinduism and Jainism also teaches vegetarian food as an appropriate food for humans. One of the words of Siddhartha Gautama who is famous: "Do not kill any one animal".

Many public figures, scientists, religious leaders are vegetarians (not live without eating meat) has the full confidence that vegetarian food is the best food for humans. They among others are:
1. Charles Darwin, pioneer in the theory of evolution
2. Leonardo da Vinci, painter, and famous artists in the 13th century
3. Albert Einstein, the famous theory of relativity so that the emergence of the atomic bomb
4. Benjamin Franklin, the independence of the United States
5. Mahatma Gandhi, Indian independence leader
6. Isaac Newton, physicist

Besides the names mentioned above, there are many more characters of the famous, such as: Henry Ward Beecher, William Blake, Horace Greely, John Milton, Nicolo Paganini, John Ruskin, George Bernard Shaw, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Henry David Thoreau, Leo Tolstoy, and Francis Voltaire, Richard Wagner, as well as other figures who do not want to eat meat.


Some of these figures provide comment or opinion on the meat:
  1. "Since childhood I have abolished the use of meat", comments Leonardo da Vinci
  2. "Many of my prayers are answered in a way to stop eating meat", comments Henry Ward Beecher
  3. "I hold fast to the principle that meat meal is not suitable for humans. We are guilty of imitating the lower animals, when we actually higher than they were. Experience teaches that flesh foods are not suitable for those who would defeat his own desires ", commented Mahatma Gandhi
  4. "I realized that food is not meat in accordance with a better sense or subtle, and I will avoid in the eating" commented Albert Schweitzer

Since the 19th century, the movement of vegetarianism, more and more developed. Vegetarianism unions have been established since 1809 in England, and in the year 1847 in America. This movement continues to grow well in this 20th century. But recently after the year 1980, the number of adherents of these schools of growing community. In America alone there are an estimated 12 million people are vegetarians. What is the incentive for them to become a vegetarian? One of the reasons is the belief that a vegetarian will have a longer life compared with people who are not vegetarians. Is this correct? Let us discuss in the next article.

You like to eat and you had to eat. You are always looking for food, is possible the most delicious food in the world. Do not we live to be happy? ... your favorite food? ... Spaghetti? Hamburger? ... Pizza? ... or Traditional food? Everything is quite good and well known by the world community. But the question arises, whether it be good for your body?

Therefore, humans eat to live, not live to eat, then select the food is an important issue. Tongue does not always taste so good measure. Even for the prosperity of the household, the nation and state, various considerations must be made in choosing the right foods for humans.


One of the main things that must be considered in choosing the food is whether the food we eat is compatible with human anatomy? Human beings have been created in such a way with the specific organ, with their respective functions that have been determined. Deviation from natural law will harm the human body.

Thus, the best food for humans by itself is a suitable food for the human mouth, human teeth, human stomach, and also the human intestine. Scientists have long to get the structural differences between animal herbivores and animal carnivore. Let's look at the differences existing in both types of animals.


carnivore teeth (a dog) - herbivore teeth (a cow) - omnivore teeth (a human)

When we look at the human mouth and the dog's mouth, we immediately can see the real difference. Human mouth has a small opening so that food can enter into the mouth only in limited amounts. In addition, mastication is needed before these foods into the human body.

If you eat a big piece of meat, by itself will occur in the throat blockage. Another case with carnivore animals that have a large mouth opening, which can include a larger meat. By opening the mouth, it turns out humans are among the herbivores.

What about human teeth? Dr. WAS Collen, with other scientists from Maimonides Hospital in Brooklyn, reported in the American Society for the study of Atherosclerosis, that people's teeth made for eating vegetation.

Dr. Coelen find that the structure of herbivore incisors have sharp form, whereas the teeth molars have a flat surface or slightly wavy, which is used to crush and chew the food. In the carnivore group, tooth structure has been created in such a way as to allow the animal to eat the raw meat. Carnivora have elongated canine teeth, strong and sharp side to bite and rend flesh. Molars were the teeth have a sharp side for cutting meat. It turned out to resemble human teeth tooth herbivorous gorillas and other animals both in the amount of the composition, or structure. Thus, the most appropriate food for humans in terms of tooth is owned plants.


Dr. Hereward Carrington stated that the way food mastication of herbivorous animals is different class when compared with carnivore groups. Herbivores have three kinds of movement that is a molar vertical movement, horizontal movement, and movement forward and backward. Carnivore animals have only one kind of molar movement, the opening and closing the jaw. When we examine the movement of human molars, has three kinds of the same molar movements as herbivores, although the movement is limited. Thus, it is clear in this respect humans are not considered in the carnivore.


Research that has been created by Dr. GS Huntington, author of The Anatomy of the Human Peritoneum and Abdominal Cavity, in studying the differences in the digestive tract of some animal food and human, that small intestine is very long herbivore, colon also very long and smooth, whereas the small intestine shorter carnivore, large intestine was also shorter, straight and smooth. Human small intestine and colon length was also much too long, like the bags to form the letter "U" inverted, where the composition is suitable for placement of the remains of fiber derived from plants, compared with the meat. Dr. Huntington, in studying the structure of the human digestive tract does not have enough evidence that the man belonged to the carnivore, and even evidence obtained from human teeth and human intestine showed that human ancestors most are the ones even entirely herbivorous.


human sweat glands

Dr. Philip Chen said that the herbivorous group, sweat glands sweat through the pores of the skin, while the carnivore, the sweat out through the mouth. What about you sweat? No different from herbivores is not it?


Several other similarities between humans and herbivores can below :

1. In the blood group herbivorous animals and humans showed that the ratio of alpha and beta lipoproteins are decreased, whereas in animal blood carnivore, the ratio rises.

2. Human saliva contains enzymes such as saliva ptyalin other herbivores, which is useful for digesting carbohydrate, whereas saliva from carnivore groups can not digest carbohydrate.

3. Humans drink like other herbivorous groups, that is sucking the water, whereas the carnivore animals drinking water by using his tongue.

4. Human bile salt like other herbivore groups, quite different from carnivore groups.

In terms of human anatomy, human have proved a lot in common with herbivores, both in terms of the mouth, teeth, tooth movements molars, intestines, sweat way, the comparison of lipoprotein in blood, saliva, how to drink and bile salts. When the anatomy, humans are among the herbivores, it is clear that the best food is food herbivores, namely in the form of food or produced from plants.

Of the human anatomy, human actually intended to eat plants, then the negative symptoms will arise when humans eat meat, of course excessive. Since humans also need food meat but in a certain amount, then classified to the omnivorous human (eat plants and some meat).