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The purpose of this title is not on the food eaten by the killer, but the food that can kill humans who eat them. We are not talking about the poison, but the foods you eat everyday. Food you can be a killer for your own albeit slowly. With the advancement and im
provement of a country's economy, increased diseases also cause of death caused by diet and unhealthy living. In developing countries and developed, diseases such as heart disease, cancer, hypertension is a major killer disease.


Well-known heart disease is coronary thrombosis. How is it possible? It turned out that besides the heart pumps blood around the muscles in the body, heart was send blood to the heart muscle wall through a network of arteries are formed by the two main coronary artery-right coronary artery and left coronary arteries. Innermost layer of an artery called the "intima" can be thickened by reason of age, just like the rust that can occur in old iron pipes. Thickening and hardening of the arteries is known in medical terms as Atherosclerosis.

In fact, atherosclerosis can be caused by many things and some
not at all inevitable humans, such as heredity, age, hormones, blood vessel injury (trauma), liver function and infection. But there are several other causes of atherosclerosis that could be avoided, for example, food, serum lipids, high blood pressure, tension, the body is too fat (obesity), tobacco and the lack of activity of the body. Generally, scientists have seen how the formation of the thickening of blood vessels (atherosclerosis) has been influenced by a substance called cholesterol.

If there is narrowing of blood vessels (atherosclerosis) due to accumulation of cholesterol, then this means a reduction of blood supply through the blood vessels. This can cause irritation to the intima resulting scarlike spot, called athermata. Athermata is likely to form b
lood clots, called thrombus, which can clog the heart's blood vessels narrow. If this happens, the heart will become weak or blood may suddenly stop working. Then arises heart attack (coronary thrombosis) as a result of the closure of one of the coronary blood vessels, so blood clot.


The number of normal plasma cholesterol (cholesterol-free and cholesterol estirified) is the range 150 to 190 milligrams in 100 cc of blood. In a research made by the
researchers during the 8 years of a group of middle-aged men, showed that their cholesterol levels around 260 mg per 100 cc of blood is the possibility that more than doubled to die because of coronary heart disease, compared with those who has a cholesterol level below 220 mg per 100 cc of blood.


Various studies have been made to see the relationship with the cholesterol diet, and it obtained a very close relationship at all. One study has been made for 6
years in a mental hospital two different, where in a psychiatric hospital supply of cow's milk was replaced with soybean milk, and butter supply was replaced with margarine butter low levels, thereby saturated fat content in foods patients can be reduced. At the mental hospital the second, used as a control cholesterol, there is no any change in the content of the patient's food supply. The results for the last 6 years the serum cholesterol content in a mental hospital who first declined sharply, which is down from an average of 266 mg per 100 cc to 217 mg per cc, and mortality by cause of coronary heart disease fell from 13 per 1000 patients, become 5.7 per 1000 patients.


Research has shown that there is a close relationship between diet and cholesterol. Does that mean cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a chemical belonging to the group of organic compound known as lipids. Lipids include fats, waxes, phospholipids, cerebosides, cholesterol, and other plant sterols. Everything is a fat-like substance (fatlike) which is not soluble in water, but much less soluble in ether and other organic solvents. Cholesterol is found in all animal cells, thus there are in all foods of animal origin including meat chicken., Fish, cream, butter and eggs. List of cholesterol in these foods can be seen in the list.


On the other hand, foods derived from plants like fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds contain no cholesterol. Vegetarian food could avoid 90% diseases thrombo embolik (frozen blood in the arteries and veins), and 97% of coronary blockage. Vegetarians have a 12% chance to die with just cause of coronary heart disease than non-vegetarians. In a study showed that corn oil can reduce blood cholesterol levels, while animal fats such as butter, lard (oil pork), chicken fat, beef, can raise cholesterol. Similarly, a saturated vegetable fat, which freezes at room temperature, has the same effect as in animal fats raise blood cholesterol levels.


Recommendations from the heart foundation emphasized that Indonesia used to constriction of blood vessels can be caused by, cholesterol or blood fat levels in the high, excessive weight, less moving, high blood pressure, heavy smoking, stress and diabetes. Therefore, foods containing trans fats should be avoided in order to stay healthy heart. Thus the suggestion that we keep the heart healthy and well maintained degan is; many moves, sports, physical work, jogging, fresh air, drink clean water, a balanced diet, reduce fat, getting enough sleep, not smoking, not drink alcohol, take a bath with fresh water and always devoted to Allah Subhannahu wata'ala.