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Many studies and research to get the best diet for a specific person. But you really do not need to look for various ways to get the best diet.

Since we were born is a figure that should be our role model in acting under any circumstances.
He was the Prophet Muhammad. Ideally we can emulate and imitate all his habits. Included in this diet, because diet is the best Prophet. Here is a diet Prophet Muhammad. Here is a diet Prophet Muhammad.

1. Reading basmalah when to eat, and ended by reading hamdalah.

Wisdom read basmalah hamdalah is a Muslim and always remember that food eaten nothing but the blessings and grace of Allah the Most Gentle and omniscient.
He will avoid excessive attitude and mubadzir. A Muslim will also always be aware that food is not the ultimate goal, but a means to add strength to go to obedience to God, the prosperity of the earth and sprinkled it with kindness.

2. Washing hands before and after meals.
The Prophet said:
"Whoever was asleep in his arms are used lard, and when morning he was suffering from an illness, then he should not reproach but themselves".
The Prophet himself if you want to eat always wash their hands first, as described in the hadeeth narrated from 'A'ishah Nasa'i.

3. Avoiding excessive and greedy attitude.
Eating is a liability. By eating a Muslim gain strength to worship.

In a hadith narrated by Bukhari and Muslim from Abdullah ibn Umar:
"Verily, your body has a right that you should meet".
However, we must remember the limits in foods, ie avoid excessive and greedy attitude.
Lots of arguments that emphasize this.

Allah SWT in the letter of al-A'raf verse 31 says:
"Eat and drink, but do not be exaggerated. Allah loves not those who exaggerated ".
And also in a letter Taha verse 81:
"Eat well among sustenance We have given to you, and do not limit him."
While the Prophet himself had ordered the set meal times and sticking to ethics, as the Prophet He:
"We are people who do not eat unless hungry, and if we do not eat your fill."
He also said:
"It is not descendants of Adam fills a container worse than his stomach. Actually some of the bribe is enough to enforce his ribs. If he must fill it, then a third for food, one third for drink, and a third for breathing. " (Narrated by Turmudzi, Ibn Majah, and Muslim)

That is actually food in a minimal portion was enough for him to meet basic needs. In the hadith narrated by Bukhari, Muslim, Ibn Majah, Imam Ahmad and Darimi, the Prophet also said:
"Food is one enough for two people, two people enough food for four people, and food enough for four people actually eight people."
In another hadith mentioned:
"Verily, including the attitude of moderation when you eat everything you want". (Reported by Ibn Majah)
He also said:
"A believer to eat with one intestine while infidels eat with seven intestines." (Narrated by Muslim, Turmudzi, Ahmad, and Ibn Majah)

4. Packed with three fingers.

With three fingers means we have to be balanced. As it is said that eating with five fingers showing greed, while eating with one or two fingers showed arrogance and hubris.

5. Sit upright when eating and do not lean.
Prophet forbade anyone to eat while leaning due to endanger the health and interfere with digestion of the stomach.

6. Drink three times a gulp. Done while sitting down and not breathing in the glass.
The Prophet taught by sipping a drink (drinking water to the lips to the water), breathing outside the glass and do not drink by drinking. Its purpose is to prevent the entry of air into the stomach.
Ubay ibn Ka'b said:
"The Prophet did not blow the food and drink, do not breathe inside the container. In fact, he forbade blowing food and drink. "
The Prophet used to drink with three mouthfuls, while breathing in between gulps three times outside the glass and not in it.
It was narrated from Anas that the Messenger of Allah breathe three times while drinking.
He said:
"Really, it's more filling, healing, and refreshing". (Bukhari and Muslim)
Anas also said:
"The Prophet has prohibited drinking while standing". (Muslim)
Ibn Abbas added:
"The Prophet has prohibited drinking from the mouth of the pitcher." (Reported by Bukhari and Ibn Majah)

7. Putting eat fruits before eating meat (a main meal).
It is an attempt to follow what the people of Paradise. The evidence is a letter of al-Qur'an Waqi'ah verses 20-21:
"And the fruits of what they choose, and meat from the birds what they want".

8. Closing the food and drinks on the table.
Prophet requires closed to protect food from contamination, as stated in the hadith the Prophet.:
"Close the vessel". (Narrated by Muslim, Ahmad, and Ibn Majah)
In the history of Bukhari stated:
"Cover food and drinks".
Messenger of Allah said:
"Close the container where food and beverages, because in a year there one night on that night down the outbreak of the sky. Outbreak did not find a container that is open but there will be a part of the outbreak of the container ".

9. Mouth wash (rinse) before and after meals.
It is intended to clean the teeth from food debris and bacteria. In particular he stressed the importance of rinsing after drinking milk:
"Gargle you after drinking milk, because it contains fat."
(Narrated by Ibn Majah)

10. The best food supplements is honey.
The house of the Prophet never run out of honey.
The Prophet also encouraged to take honey regularly. The Prophet said:
"Be you drink honey."
The prophet taught that the best way is to dissolve the honey drink one tablespoon of honey with water is not cold and stirred well.