Many diseases can occur due to unhealthy eating patterns. Many people suffer from unhealthy eating patterns, and their suffering can actually be avoided if only they choose the right foods. Meat as a source of disease has long been known to mankind. Most animals are carriers of disease which is transmissible to humans. Among the 200 kinds of diseases, more than 100 kinds of diseases can be transmitted from animals to humans. Although some of these diseases can be cured, but also many diseases that lead to death.

Generally each state has a special body to regulate animal slaughter procedures, to assess which animals deserve to be slaughtered and the meat sold in the market. Animals with the disease, by itself is not permitted in circulation in the market. However, in reality it is not always the case. Especially meat imported from another country into our country, which is less stringent in penyembelihannya supervision.

You can imagine yourself, if an animal containing the disease, the disease is not mean only on certain body parts, but to the entire body of the animal. Although the animal's body parts have been removed, this does not mean the disease has also been lost.

What about the situation in developing countries? With loose supervision of the slaughter of animals, often causing the situation to get worse. Could be when he found a diseased animal, it quickly before the animal was dead, then brought to the slaughter, so as not to lose money. And it turns out that diseased meat that's what you often encounter and in buying in the market. As a result you have invited to your body's own disease.