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Some specific foods is the source of cancer due to chemicals as follows :
  • DES or Diethylstilbestrol, Results from the research that has been done shows that Diethylstilbestrol is a cause of cervical cancer, breast cancer and other reproductive cancers. Diethylstilbestrol is a given artificial sex hormones in beef cattle, thereby increasing the breeding. In the '70s, the United States use this artificial hormone to his beef cattle, so after a lot of this in mind, Many other countries that reject American beef imports.
  • Cyclamate or sugar source, Artificial sweetener called cyclamate, which has long and widely used in food products, beverages and medicines, it can cause stomach cancer and cancers of other digestive tools.
  • Saccharin, In addition to cyclamate, another artificial sweetener called saccharin can also cause kidney cancer and cervical cancer. Therefore it is better to avoid the use of these sweeteners.
  • Nitrosamines, Is a cancer-causing nitrosamines in the liver, stomach, brain, bladder, kidney. Nitrosamines produced by the body due to consumption of nitrates, namely artificial preservatives and artificial colorings, commonly found on food products are preserved.
  • Salt, Excessive salt consumption and continuously, can also cause stomach cancer.
  • Foods that have become rancid, Food derived from plants or animals that are still fresh is very useful for our body, but when the food has become rancid very dangerous, because the chemicals would be formed from the rancid food, such as peroxide. Peroxides are strong irritants and chemicals can cause cancer. Cooking oil that is cooked too hot and is often used repeatedly, will turn into a carcinogenic substance that causes cancer.
  • Consumption of food that is too much, People who too fat due to excessive eating and not be restricted at greater risk of cancer compared to people who often fasted with a more ideal weight.
  • Malnutrition, Lack of nutrition in a vitamin or mineral can weaken the immune system in the face of cancer and increase the likelihood of experiencing the risk of the disease. For example :
- Choline deficiency can cause liver cancer
- Deficiency of vitamin E, increased the risk of cancer and leukemia
- Iodine deficiency, cause cancer in the thyroid gland
- Various vitamin B deficiencies, can cause liver damage that leads to malignant disease
- Zinc mineral deficiency, can cause prostate cancer
- Vitamin A deficiency, can weaken the body's defenses against various kinds cancer whichcan lead to tumor development.
- Magnesium deficiency, can also cause cancer
  • High levels of animal protein, Food excessive meat and other foodstuffs that have a high cholesterol level, not only contributes to the disease causing atherosclerosis and circulatory disorders as well as reducing the oxidation of cells, but also increase the risk of tumor development.


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Regarding the foods that cause cancer; in short, foods that can be found in fast foods like KFC, McDonalds...

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Great list and thanks for alert us. I am really happy to know about these risky factors in our food. I will take it seriously and alert others people.
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