A Large Variety O f Healthy Foods At A Natural Food Market

It is surprising to many consumers to discover just what is in the products that they purchase to consume. Grocery stores offer a large variety of foods, but often these foods contain processed and refined sugars that may not be the healthiest choices available.

As consumers have become more and more aware of the fact that many foods that are offered through the local grocery store are not ideal for their families, they are searching for a natural food market that carries products that they feel more comfortable purchasing.

Where a Natural Food Market Can Be Located

As the popularity increases with the natural food market, more and more of these types of stores are being found. In many areas there are natural food markets that are located in easy to access locations. A natural food market can be found by simply using a local phone book or even searching on-line for local natural food markets.

If a natural food market is not nearby, there are on-line stores that offer products to be purchased and then they will expedite delivery to the consumer. If a complete natural food market can not be located, many areas also have summer farmer markets that offer the consumer many choices in organically grown fruits and vegetables available in the summer and fall.

What Types of Products Can Be Found at a Natural Food Market

A natural food market will carry organically grown fruits and vegetables and meats for consumers. These products must meet the standards set by the FDA to considered organically grown and will not contain antibiotics, hormones or chemicals.

Other products that are found in a natural food market include processed foods that have been made with organically grown foods. These can include things like pastas, cereal, rice, cookies, crackers and other foods enjoyed by the entire family. What makes them unique is the fact that they are all organically grown materials that are being used, ensuring that the consumer is getting high quality organic foods for their families.

A natural food market may also carry vitamins and herbs that can be used for a variety of ailments and in helping keep a person in balance. These are also usually organically grown and flow with the rest of the natural food market philosophy of pure foods.

The idea behind the natural food market is to give the consumer a choice in products that are organically raised and allow for the consumer to choose what is best for them.

Getting A Natural Food Diet

One of the advantages to changing to a diet consisting of natural food is that it plays an important role in preventing as well as controlling obesity. To be sure, people become obese because they eat an excess of processed foods, foods that are sweet, foods that are frozen and also foods that have been preserved. Of course, there are other causes for becoming obese including some genetic reasons as too endocrinal malfunctions, though these causes are quite rare as compared to the other reasons.

Obesity is also known to start as early as during childhood and part of the reason for this is that parents pamper their children by letting them eat whatever they set their hearts on and thus children end up lacking the ability to control their urges. Also, fast foods that they love to eat do not contain much by way of nutrition and in fact contribute to an unhealthy increase in the amounts of calories consumed.

Less Fat and High Fibers

However, if the parents ensure feeding their children proper and natural food it has been found that such a step can help control obesity in children. The same is the case when it concerns cholesterol because eating natural food can also lower your bad cholesterol as well.

A diet consisting of natural food should in fact, include eating foods that contain less fat, high fiber as well as should also include eating freshly grown fruits and vegetables, and in addition, you also need to lower your salt and sugar consumption as well as consume nuts and legumes.

Besides ensuring taking a natural food diet you also need to complement your diet regime with a healthy dose of exercises like performing aerobic exercises that help to maintain proper body weight and improve the blood circulation. You can also achieve better results by consuming natural food and by also doing some form of walking or running and perhaps even some swimming because these activities will help to burn unwanted fats and calories.

Other actions that you will need to do besides eating natural food include quitting smoking because that will help make your blood vessels stronger and the chances of suffering from a stroke too will be reduced.

In most cases, if you ensure that your diet consists mainly of natural food and you also exercise regularly, you should be able to control your cholesterol and obesity problems and so, the next time you go to buy your food supplies, makes sure to buy only natural food.


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Some specific foods is the source of cancer due to chemicals as follows :
  • DES or Diethylstilbestrol, Results from the research that has been done shows that Diethylstilbestrol is a cause of cervical cancer, breast cancer and other reproductive cancers. Diethylstilbestrol is a given artificial sex hormones in beef cattle, thereby increasing the breeding. In the '70s, the United States use this artificial hormone to his beef cattle, so after a lot of this in mind, Many other countries that reject American beef imports.
  • Cyclamate or sugar source, Artificial sweetener called cyclamate, which has long and widely used in food products, beverages and medicines, it can cause stomach cancer and cancers of other digestive tools.
  • Saccharin, In addition to cyclamate, another artificial sweetener called saccharin can also cause kidney cancer and cervical cancer. Therefore it is better to avoid the use of these sweeteners.
  • Nitrosamines, Is a cancer-causing nitrosamines in the liver, stomach, brain, bladder, kidney. Nitrosamines produced by the body due to consumption of nitrates, namely artificial preservatives and artificial colorings, commonly found on food products are preserved.
  • Salt, Excessive salt consumption and continuously, can also cause stomach cancer.
  • Foods that have become rancid, Food derived from plants or animals that are still fresh is very useful for our body, but when the food has become rancid very dangerous, because the chemicals would be formed from the rancid food, such as peroxide. Peroxides are strong irritants and chemicals can cause cancer. Cooking oil that is cooked too hot and is often used repeatedly, will turn into a carcinogenic substance that causes cancer.
  • Consumption of food that is too much, People who too fat due to excessive eating and not be restricted at greater risk of cancer compared to people who often fasted with a more ideal weight.
  • Malnutrition, Lack of nutrition in a vitamin or mineral can weaken the immune system in the face of cancer and increase the likelihood of experiencing the risk of the disease. For example :
- Choline deficiency can cause liver cancer
- Deficiency of vitamin E, increased the risk of cancer and leukemia
- Iodine deficiency, cause cancer in the thyroid gland
- Various vitamin B deficiencies, can cause liver damage that leads to malignant disease
- Zinc mineral deficiency, can cause prostate cancer
- Vitamin A deficiency, can weaken the body's defenses against various kinds cancer whichcan lead to tumor development.
- Magnesium deficiency, can also cause cancer
  • High levels of animal protein, Food excessive meat and other foodstuffs that have a high cholesterol level, not only contributes to the disease causing atherosclerosis and circulatory disorders as well as reducing the oxidation of cells, but also increase the risk of tumor development.

Cancer is a feared human diseases, because rarely known and seldom also shows why the medicine. After vascular disease and heart disease, cancer is the third killer disease. In this article we try to reveal the results of research that has been made, the things that can cause cancer, and ways of prevention.


From the results of the study, common causes of cancer are :

  1. Excessive smoking. Has been proved that excessive smoking can cause cancer in the lung, stomach cancer, respiratory cancer, lip cancer and oral cancer.
  2. Sun Rays. Excessive sunlight and on going direct contact with our skin, also can cause skin cancer.
  3. Mechanical irritation, physical and chemical. Irritation of the skin or lining of long lenders can cause cancer. For example pipe smoking can cause cancer of the lip. Chronic irritation caused by dentures are not fitting properly, can cause cancer of the tongue and gums. Often a hot drink and continually, can cause cancer and stomach cancer throat. Irritating chemicals or drugs to the skin in a long time, it also can cause skin cancer.
  4. Hexachlorophene. Is a substance that is carcinogenic, this substance damage the brain and cause brain cancer. Hexachlorophene is commonly used in obstetrics at the hospital world. And also contained in various materials of cosmetics, soaps and other scented materials for the bathroom.
  5. Smoke or fumes. Ozone, carbon monosida (CO), nitrogen dioxide and other pollutants commonly found in the smoke, has been confirmed by scientists as a cause of lung cancer, some kinds of cancer and causes respiratory and other health disorders.
  6. X-ray. Penetrating rays or X-ray excess in the human body continuously and can also cause cancer and leukemia. Children who suffer in the later years, often caused by prenatal exposure to the mother's abdomen during pregnancy.
  7. Cadmium. In small amounts, cadmium benefit us, but in large amounts of can be resulted in high blood pressure, heart disease, iron deficiency anemia, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, pulmonary fibrosis, kidney damage and cancer. Cadmium we got from the smoke within the vehicle, phosphate fertilizers and industrial waste of contamination.
  8. Drugs and chemical environment. Many medicines used in the medical world it is a cause of cancer. Florida sodium contained in the water already in flouration, commonly drunk man, turned out to have links with cancer. Materials pesticides such as DDT is the leading cause of cancer.
  9. Abnormality in sex relationships. Sex too often, eliminate it altogether, even changed its partners, can cause damage to the prostate gland, and may cause cancer of the prostate gland. Mothers who do not breastfeed their children also have a greater chance of breast cancer compared to women who breastfeed son.
  10. There are still many other factors that may arise as a result of research that runs from theconsequences of unhealthy lifestyles.


Many diseases can occur due to unhealthy eating patterns. Many people suffer from unhealthy eating patterns, and their suffering can actually be avoided if only they choose the right foods. Meat as a source of disease has long been known to mankind. Most animals are carriers of disease which is transmissible to humans. Among the 200 kinds of diseases, more than 100 kinds of diseases can be transmitted from animals to humans. Although some of these diseases can be cured, but also many diseases that lead to death.

Generally each state has a special body to regulate animal slaughter procedures, to assess which animals deserve to be slaughtered and the meat sold in the market. Animals with the disease, by itself is not permitted in circulation in the market. However, in reality it is not always the case. Especially meat imported from another country into our country, which is less stringent in penyembelihannya supervision.

You can imagine yourself, if an animal containing the disease, the disease is not mean only on certain body parts, but to the entire body of the animal. Although the animal's body parts have been removed, this does not mean the disease has also been lost.

What about the situation in developing countries? With loose supervision of the slaughter of animals, often causing the situation to get worse. Could be when he found a diseased animal, it quickly before the animal was dead, then brought to the slaughter, so as not to lose money. And it turns out that diseased meat that's what you often encounter and in buying in the market. As a result you have invited to your body's own disease.

The purpose of this title is not on the food eaten by the killer, but the food that can kill humans who eat them. We are not talking about the poison, but the foods you eat everyday. Food you can be a killer for your own albeit slowly. With the advancement and im
provement of a country's economy, increased diseases also cause of death caused by diet and unhealthy living. In developing countries and developed, diseases such as heart disease, cancer, hypertension is a major killer disease.


Well-known heart disease is coronary thrombosis. How is it possible? It turned out that besides the heart pumps blood around the muscles in the body, heart was send blood to the heart muscle wall through a network of arteries are formed by the two main coronary artery-right coronary artery and left coronary arteries. Innermost layer of an artery called the "intima" can be thickened by reason of age, just like the rust that can occur in old iron pipes. Thickening and hardening of the arteries is known in medical terms as Atherosclerosis.

In fact, atherosclerosis can be caused by many things and some
not at all inevitable humans, such as heredity, age, hormones, blood vessel injury (trauma), liver function and infection. But there are several other causes of atherosclerosis that could be avoided, for example, food, serum lipids, high blood pressure, tension, the body is too fat (obesity), tobacco and the lack of activity of the body. Generally, scientists have seen how the formation of the thickening of blood vessels (atherosclerosis) has been influenced by a substance called cholesterol.

If there is narrowing of blood vessels (atherosclerosis) due to accumulation of cholesterol, then this means a reduction of blood supply through the blood vessels. This can cause irritation to the intima resulting scarlike spot, called athermata. Athermata is likely to form b
lood clots, called thrombus, which can clog the heart's blood vessels narrow. If this happens, the heart will become weak or blood may suddenly stop working. Then arises heart attack (coronary thrombosis) as a result of the closure of one of the coronary blood vessels, so blood clot.


The number of normal plasma cholesterol (cholesterol-free and cholesterol estirified) is the range 150 to 190 milligrams in 100 cc of blood. In a research made by the
researchers during the 8 years of a group of middle-aged men, showed that their cholesterol levels around 260 mg per 100 cc of blood is the possibility that more than doubled to die because of coronary heart disease, compared with those who has a cholesterol level below 220 mg per 100 cc of blood.


Various studies have been made to see the relationship with the cholesterol diet, and it obtained a very close relationship at all. One study has been made for 6
years in a mental hospital two different, where in a psychiatric hospital supply of cow's milk was replaced with soybean milk, and butter supply was replaced with margarine butter low levels, thereby saturated fat content in foods patients can be reduced. At the mental hospital the second, used as a control cholesterol, there is no any change in the content of the patient's food supply. The results for the last 6 years the serum cholesterol content in a mental hospital who first declined sharply, which is down from an average of 266 mg per 100 cc to 217 mg per cc, and mortality by cause of coronary heart disease fell from 13 per 1000 patients, become 5.7 per 1000 patients.


Research has shown that there is a close relationship between diet and cholesterol. Does that mean cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a chemical belonging to the group of organic compound known as lipids. Lipids include fats, waxes, phospholipids, cerebosides, cholesterol, and other plant sterols. Everything is a fat-like substance (fatlike) which is not soluble in water, but much less soluble in ether and other organic solvents. Cholesterol is found in all animal cells, thus there are in all foods of animal origin including meat chicken., Fish, cream, butter and eggs. List of cholesterol in these foods can be seen in the list.


On the other hand, foods derived from plants like fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds contain no cholesterol. Vegetarian food could avoid 90% diseases thrombo embolik (frozen blood in the arteries and veins), and 97% of coronary blockage. Vegetarians have a 12% chance to die with just cause of coronary heart disease than non-vegetarians. In a study showed that corn oil can reduce blood cholesterol levels, while animal fats such as butter, lard (oil pork), chicken fat, beef, can raise cholesterol. Similarly, a saturated vegetable fat, which freezes at room temperature, has the same effect as in animal fats raise blood cholesterol levels.


Recommendations from the heart foundation emphasized that Indonesia used to constriction of blood vessels can be caused by, cholesterol or blood fat levels in the high, excessive weight, less moving, high blood pressure, heavy smoking, stress and diabetes. Therefore, foods containing trans fats should be avoided in order to stay healthy heart. Thus the suggestion that we keep the heart healthy and well maintained degan is; many moves, sports, physical work, jogging, fresh air, drink clean water, a balanced diet, reduce fat, getting enough sleep, not smoking, not drink alcohol, take a bath with fresh water and always devoted to Allah Subhannahu wata'ala.

Many people are willing to pay handsomely for the efforts that could be used to prolong life. A millionaire in America once said : that he was willing to pay $ 1,000,000 to the person who can extend the age for each year. But unfortunately, humans have many limitations, just like any other God's creatures who have limitations in their lives. For example :

1. A dog, on average can only live for over 15 years
2. A bear, on average can only live for 16 years
3. An orang-utan, the average can only live for 26 years
4. A cow, the average can only live for 30 years
5. An elephant, the average can only live for 75 years

What about humans? Some live for the under 10 years, some live to 50 years or 65 years. But not often we find people who live to 100 years more.

A man named Thomas Parr lived as a farmer, died at the age of 152 years in 1635. Similarly Burrinton Joseph, died at the age of 160 years in the year 1790 in Bergen Norway.

In Indonesia the country is also no shortage with their long life. For example, former wife of Bung Karno, Mrs. Garnasi Inggit, has over 100 years of age.

Then who the subject of our thoughts, whether longevity secret? Is that distinguish the age of a person with other people age?


Many who thought that the problem of longevity is due to heredity. So when our parents reach the age of 90 years, then we shall reach the age of 90 years. The scientists assume that this theory is true, because in a theory of Dr. Ernest Weser, head of Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, New York in 1962 on the vital force, said that each human being has a vital force that includes human survival, how long humans can live.

Each human being has a different energy but vital particular. This vital energy can not be increased, but can be reduced, in accordance with the human body's activities. Generally known that a vital energy is closely linked to heredity. So they have a high vital energy, the possibility of their offspring have a high energy is also vital. Thus those who have parents with a long life, the children have the possibility of long lived too. However, this can not fully guarantee a person will have a long life. For example, many people who have a vital energy to live for 75 years, but due to smoking two packs of cigarettes a day, then he could have died at the age of less than 75 years. This means that vital energy can be decreased by a factor for bad habits.
One thing to note yag related to hereditary factors is the close relationship with the illness, particularly for heart disease and blood vessel disease. If the structure of the blood vessels that are derived from parent to child was narrow, it will be easier to suffer from heart disease. Families who have heart disease will have a double chance to have a heart attack.


The research expert on the human age of women reported that age are generally longer than the age of man. The possibility of miscarriage of male babies is twice the baby girl. The death of baby boys is higher than the death of a baby girl. It seems that the gender factor influencing the age not only occurs in humans, but also in animals. A female mice live longer compared with male rats. So it is with a female pigs live longer than the male pig.


The scientists used a lot of time, effort and money to conduct research on the relationship between food and human life. In the magazine "Time", dated October 28, 1967, there was an article titled "Adventist Advantage". The article contains the news that the aged people in Southern California Adventist 6.2 years longer than in any other population. Dr. Richard Walden and Dr. Frank Lenon said that one reason why the Advent has a long life is that they do not smoke. In other research says that the age of people who do not smoke 3.2 years longer than the age of people who smoke, with the condition of the food you eat is the same. But why the Advent could have 3 years of age even longer than research? The answer turns out to be the food factor. 50% of people in the region Adventist Southern California is a vegetarian. Another example is the Hunza tribe who live below the Himalayan foothills to live up to the age of 90 years to 100 years, at this age have their blood pressure was normal, cholesterol levels are still good and still electrocardioraphy normal. Factor plays an important role of food, food is the Hunza tribe of fruits, nuts, vegetables and grains, a little milk, goat's milk is. They only eat meat once or twice a year. Conclusion vegetarian food provides a greater possibility for a longer life, because many diseases can arise caused by eating meat.


Vegetables eaters often called vegetarian, means those who live from the source plants, including vegetables, grains, nuts and fruits. Is it true that vegetarian food is the best food for humans? Have long time many groups of people who have a belief that vegetarian food is the best food. In the discovery recently of a tribe that has a stone age culture, the Tasaday tribe. Prove that this tribe is a vegetarian.

A similar discovery was reported by the expert archaeological excavation of the Sumerian and the ancient Babylonians. The Archaeological reported that these two ancient nations produce 60 kinds of vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, and the life of these foods. This is what causes them to be healthy and live longer.

Those who make a research on the Ancient Egyptians also said that the ancient Egyptian life from wheat, barley, beans, onions and garlic. They only ever just eat meat. But over time they add meat foods in their diet, and it can be seen in the investigation of their mummies, which is the hardening of the arteries.

Aristoteles, Hippocrates, Plato, Diaogenes and Galen

History shows that one Greek philosopher, a named Phytagoras, has promoted a vegetarian diet in the 6th century BC, this followed by other philosophers, including :
1. Aristoteles, the famous philosopher Greek
2. Hippocrates, known as the father of the doctors
3. Plato, who was known as a vegetarian and a vegan approved
4. Diaogenes and Galen, known as the father of the Roman doctor was a promoter vegetarian

The characters of the Buddhist religion, Brahma, Hinduism and Jainism also teaches vegetarian food as an appropriate food for humans. One of the words of Siddhartha Gautama who is famous: "Do not kill any one animal".

Many public figures, scientists, religious leaders are vegetarians (not live without eating meat) has the full confidence that vegetarian food is the best food for humans. They among others are:
1. Charles Darwin, pioneer in the theory of evolution
2. Leonardo da Vinci, painter, and famous artists in the 13th century
3. Albert Einstein, the famous theory of relativity so that the emergence of the atomic bomb
4. Benjamin Franklin, the independence of the United States
5. Mahatma Gandhi, Indian independence leader
6. Isaac Newton, physicist

Besides the names mentioned above, there are many more characters of the famous, such as: Henry Ward Beecher, William Blake, Horace Greely, John Milton, Nicolo Paganini, John Ruskin, George Bernard Shaw, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Henry David Thoreau, Leo Tolstoy, and Francis Voltaire, Richard Wagner, as well as other figures who do not want to eat meat.


Some of these figures provide comment or opinion on the meat:
  1. "Since childhood I have abolished the use of meat", comments Leonardo da Vinci
  2. "Many of my prayers are answered in a way to stop eating meat", comments Henry Ward Beecher
  3. "I hold fast to the principle that meat meal is not suitable for humans. We are guilty of imitating the lower animals, when we actually higher than they were. Experience teaches that flesh foods are not suitable for those who would defeat his own desires ", commented Mahatma Gandhi
  4. "I realized that food is not meat in accordance with a better sense or subtle, and I will avoid in the eating" commented Albert Schweitzer

Since the 19th century, the movement of vegetarianism, more and more developed. Vegetarianism unions have been established since 1809 in England, and in the year 1847 in America. This movement continues to grow well in this 20th century. But recently after the year 1980, the number of adherents of these schools of growing community. In America alone there are an estimated 12 million people are vegetarians. What is the incentive for them to become a vegetarian? One of the reasons is the belief that a vegetarian will have a longer life compared with people who are not vegetarians. Is this correct? Let us discuss in the next article.

You like to eat and you had to eat. You are always looking for food, is possible the most delicious food in the world. Do not we live to be happy? ... your favorite food? ... Spaghetti? Hamburger? ... Pizza? ... or Traditional food? Everything is quite good and well known by the world community. But the question arises, whether it be good for your body?

Therefore, humans eat to live, not live to eat, then select the food is an important issue. Tongue does not always taste so good measure. Even for the prosperity of the household, the nation and state, various considerations must be made in choosing the right foods for humans.


One of the main things that must be considered in choosing the food is whether the food we eat is compatible with human anatomy? Human beings have been created in such a way with the specific organ, with their respective functions that have been determined. Deviation from natural law will harm the human body.

Thus, the best food for humans by itself is a suitable food for the human mouth, human teeth, human stomach, and also the human intestine. Scientists have long to get the structural differences between animal herbivores and animal carnivore. Let's look at the differences existing in both types of animals.


carnivore teeth (a dog) - herbivore teeth (a cow) - omnivore teeth (a human)

When we look at the human mouth and the dog's mouth, we immediately can see the real difference. Human mouth has a small opening so that food can enter into the mouth only in limited amounts. In addition, mastication is needed before these foods into the human body.

If you eat a big piece of meat, by itself will occur in the throat blockage. Another case with carnivore animals that have a large mouth opening, which can include a larger meat. By opening the mouth, it turns out humans are among the herbivores.

What about human teeth? Dr. WAS Collen, with other scientists from Maimonides Hospital in Brooklyn, reported in the American Society for the study of Atherosclerosis, that people's teeth made for eating vegetation.

Dr. Coelen find that the structure of herbivore incisors have sharp form, whereas the teeth molars have a flat surface or slightly wavy, which is used to crush and chew the food. In the carnivore group, tooth structure has been created in such a way as to allow the animal to eat the raw meat. Carnivora have elongated canine teeth, strong and sharp side to bite and rend flesh. Molars were the teeth have a sharp side for cutting meat. It turned out to resemble human teeth tooth herbivorous gorillas and other animals both in the amount of the composition, or structure. Thus, the most appropriate food for humans in terms of tooth is owned plants.


Dr. Hereward Carrington stated that the way food mastication of herbivorous animals is different class when compared with carnivore groups. Herbivores have three kinds of movement that is a molar vertical movement, horizontal movement, and movement forward and backward. Carnivore animals have only one kind of molar movement, the opening and closing the jaw. When we examine the movement of human molars, has three kinds of the same molar movements as herbivores, although the movement is limited. Thus, it is clear in this respect humans are not considered in the carnivore.


Research that has been created by Dr. GS Huntington, author of The Anatomy of the Human Peritoneum and Abdominal Cavity, in studying the differences in the digestive tract of some animal food and human, that small intestine is very long herbivore, colon also very long and smooth, whereas the small intestine shorter carnivore, large intestine was also shorter, straight and smooth. Human small intestine and colon length was also much too long, like the bags to form the letter "U" inverted, where the composition is suitable for placement of the remains of fiber derived from plants, compared with the meat. Dr. Huntington, in studying the structure of the human digestive tract does not have enough evidence that the man belonged to the carnivore, and even evidence obtained from human teeth and human intestine showed that human ancestors most are the ones even entirely herbivorous.


human sweat glands

Dr. Philip Chen said that the herbivorous group, sweat glands sweat through the pores of the skin, while the carnivore, the sweat out through the mouth. What about you sweat? No different from herbivores is not it?


Several other similarities between humans and herbivores can below :

1. In the blood group herbivorous animals and humans showed that the ratio of alpha and beta lipoproteins are decreased, whereas in animal blood carnivore, the ratio rises.

2. Human saliva contains enzymes such as saliva ptyalin other herbivores, which is useful for digesting carbohydrate, whereas saliva from carnivore groups can not digest carbohydrate.

3. Humans drink like other herbivorous groups, that is sucking the water, whereas the carnivore animals drinking water by using his tongue.

4. Human bile salt like other herbivore groups, quite different from carnivore groups.

In terms of human anatomy, human have proved a lot in common with herbivores, both in terms of the mouth, teeth, tooth movements molars, intestines, sweat way, the comparison of lipoprotein in blood, saliva, how to drink and bile salts. When the anatomy, humans are among the herbivores, it is clear that the best food is food herbivores, namely in the form of food or produced from plants.

Of the human anatomy, human actually intended to eat plants, then the negative symptoms will arise when humans eat meat, of course excessive. Since humans also need food meat but in a certain amount, then classified to the omnivorous human (eat plants and some meat).